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Segmental Retaining Walls

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The RidgeRock Retaining Wall System is the latest advancement in soil retention technology. The RidgeRock unit is composed of a user friendly concrete shear key system which provides high block to block shear resistance. A RidgeRock unit is installed by sliding its shear key between two blocks on a lower course unit until the units and shear key engage. The open core is then filled with drainage stone up to the level of the geogrid placement. The geogrid is unrolled, the next course of RidgeRock is installed, and the rock filled RidgeRock core locks the geogrid into place between the RidgeRock courses.

Retaining Walls and Concrete has existing relationships with just about every retaining wall block manufacturer; so if you have a certain style in mind, it can be delivered and installed within a week of your signed order!

segmental retaining walls

segmental retaining wall

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