Alpharetta Retaining Wall & Driveway Replacement

Is a permit required to build a new or replacement retaining wall in Alpharetta, Georgia?

New and replacement retaining walls over four feet in height require a building permit within the city of Alpharetta. Although some cities include the footing in their calculations to ascertain the precise retaining wall height, as of March 30, 2023 the City of Alpharetta does not.

retaining wall permit in alpharetta

Other supporting documents required with a building permit application within Alpharetta city limits include an engineering plan with independent sets of drawings for the appropriate departments, a topographical survey and a site plan. Most Alpharetta HOA’s require approval on retaining wall replacement projects, especially those visible from the street.

The good news is that the Retaining Walls and Concrete compliance officer will assist you in the completion of all supplemental paperwork needed to obtain approval from your HOA, as well as for your city or county.

City/County Requires Engineering Requires Permitting
City of Alpharetta 4 Ft. Or Taller 4 Ft.
Fulton County 6 Ft. Or Taller 4 Ft.

The Bluffs of Windward

Within the resort-like community of Windward in Alpharetta, this property is located on Stonehaven Lane within an enclave named The Bluffs. A twenty-three year old crosstie retaining wall, which once supported the property owner’s concrete driveway was collapsing.

windward retaining wall and driveway replacement project
windward retaining wall replacement

The decay rate of the crosstie retaining wall was so advanced that it caused the concrete to sink and extreme cracking to occur.

windward alpharetta retaining wall replacement
windward alpharetta retaining wall replacement project

The concrete slabs on the driveway began shifting and sloping at angles which made the driveway unsafe to drive upon.

driveway replacement contractors in windward
driveway contractor windward alpharetta

Hamptons Chase of Windward

Hamptons Chase is another enclave within the Windward community which had the same type of rotten crosstie retaining wall supporting their driveway.

alpharetta retaining wall replacement
before retaining wall replacement windward
concrete masonry wall with rebar
hamptons chase project
retaining wall crew at work
mason using level

The Hamptons Chase property owners wanted something more attractive and longer lasting than a standard modular block retaining wall.

driveway replacement hamptons chase
concrete contractor alpharetta
concrete driveway replacement in hamptons chase windward
replacement driveway hamptons chase

So, because their house is made with brick, a stucco wall with brick caps and steps was chosen.

windward alpharetta retaining wall replacement
hampton hall rotten crosstie retaining wall

Hampton Hall of Alpharetta

This property in the Hampton Hall subdivision was experiencing excessive soil erosion which was washing away what remained of their totally rotten and collapsed crosstie retaining walls.

retaining wall washing away by bad soil erosion

The property of these Alpharetta homeowners had eight independent retaining walls that required immediate replacement.

hampton hall retaining wall replacement
retaining walls washing away with soil erosion
drainage issues and soil erosion rotten retaining walls hampton hall
retaining wall demolition crew
steep sloped retaining wall
hampton hall retaining wall replacement project in alpharetta
sod installation
4 terraced retaining walls
large retaining wall replacement hampton hall alpharetta
alpharetta retaiining wall replacement contractors

Additionally, their driveway was cracking which made the property appear older than it is.

before hampton hall driveway replacement
concrete driveway with brick apron

Retaining Walls and Concrete

For thirty years Alpharetta has relied upon our expertise for new and replacement retaining walls and driveways. Get a free estimate on a professionally designed and engineered earth retention wall and concrete work on residential and commercial projects.

Architectural retaining walls increase the functional space of your property for outdoor living spaces including swimming pools, play areas for children, concrete or paver patios and outdoor fireplaces. Every retaining wall we build includes the appropriate footing, backfill, soil reinforcement and a drainage system.

Retaining Walls with a Driveway

As both a retaining wall and concrete contractor, we can replace your retaining wall and driveway at the same time. This saves money and avoids the hassles of hiring and timing the work of multiple contractors for the same project.

driveway replacement contractor in alpharetta
replacement driveway alpharetta

Retaining Wall Certification

A growing number of Georgia cities and counties are making an engineer’s certification stamp mandatory on all new and replacement retaining walls. In such areas, the appropriate personnel from our company will conduct the requisite site visits to certify your retaining wall.

retaining wall demolition
poured concrete retaining wall contractor

These regulations are a protective response to the spike in failed retaining walls without a building permit which left consumers with property damage, a financial loss and no legal recourse. Should a contractor tell you that an engineer’s plan and a building permit are unnecessary, get the facts and a second opinion!

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