Professional Residential Retaining Wall Builders

After a quarter century of building all types of retaining wall systems upon the variable metro Atlanta and north Georgia topography, our team of experienced contractors have developed practical and cost-effective solutions to virtually every architectural landscaping issue imaginable.

Although our bid may not be the lowest, it will be competitive, comprehensive, include exact and honest pricing and there will be no surprises when the project is underway. Our team’s mission is to construct a beautiful retaining wall system you can spend a lifetime enjoying!

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The confidence to provide a certified written warranty on all new residential retaining walls is derived from a combination of uncompromising principals on quality of materials and craftsmanship.

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What Sets Us Apart Is Behind Our Retaining Wall Systems

With each row of block a commercial grade soil compactor is used to stabilize and fortify the soil.

For additional reinforcement, geogrid is then installed to ensure the compacted earth does not move.

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Rainfall is effectively managed with a drainage system that safely diverts excess water through the retaining wall system.

Qualifying a Retaining Wall Contractor

When qualifying a retaining wall contractor there is far more to consider than the lowest price.

Reputable retaining wall companies are proud to produce at least ten references who won’t mind showing you the work performed by the retaining wall company. It is up to you to perform the due diligence by actually calling to verify customer satisfaction.

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Whenever possible, request permission to visit the property to see the work firsthand. Beware of websites that feature grading systems based upon customer text reviews; many have been proven unreliable.

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Failed Retaining Walls

This wall was built by a company that at best was inexperienced or at worst unethical.

As you can see, none of the soil reinforcement or water management steps were taken to ensure a successful earth retention wall system.

Even poorly built walls may survive so long as there is very little rainfall. However many metro Atlanta consumers who opted for cheaper alternatives to professional retaining wall companies are now left with leaning and failed retaining walls.

Avoid a costly disaster like this by correctly qualifying your retaining wall company.