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Retaining Walls and Concrete

For thirty years metro Atlanta has relied upon our expertise for new and replacement retaining walls and driveways. Get a free estimate on a professionally designed and engineered earth retention wall and concrete work on residential and commercial projects.

Architectural retaining walls increase the functional space of your property for outdoor living spaces including swimming pools, play areas for children, concrete or paver patios and outdoor fireplaces. Every retaining wall we build includes the appropriate footing, backfill, soil reinforcement and a drainage system.

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Retaining Wall Contractor

Please view a recent retaining wall replacement project in metro Atlanta being reported by a local customer.

Crosstie Retaining Wall Replacement

replace rotten cross tie retaining wall
replacement retaining wall

On average, the lifespan of a crosstie retaining wall is twenty-five years. We advise that crosstie retaining walls be replaced with poured concrete or concrete masonry. After the retaining wall passes inspection by the city or county, we can finish the wall with a colored stucco, brick or stone veneer. A modular block retaining wall may also be approved; but only when it is not visible from the street.

Retaining Walls with a Driveway

As both a retaining wall and concrete contractor, we can replace your retaining wall and driveway at the same time. This saves money and avoids the hassles of hiring and timing the work of multiple contractors for the same project.

retaining wall with driveway
driveway replacement

Retaining Wall Certification

A growing number of Georgia cities and counties are making an engineer’s certification stamp mandatory on all new and replacement retaining walls. In such areas, the appropriate personnel from our company will conduct the requisite site visits to certify your retaining wall.

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These regulations are a protective response to the spike in failed retaining walls without a building permit which left consumers with property damage, a financial loss and no legal recourse. Should a contractor tell you that an engineer’s plan and a building permit are unnecessary, get the facts and a second opinion!

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

Poured concrete are the strongest retaining walls for lateral support and compressive strength. Water resistance, extended lifespan, and the ability to incorporate attractive veneers such as stucco, painted brick, natural and artificial stone are among the many additional advantages that poured concrete walls have over other types of retaining walls.

poured concrete retaining wall contractor
poured concrete retaining wall

Retaining Wall Lifespan

Poured concrete and concrete masonry retaining walls have a life-expectancy of fifty years.

Retaining Wall Footing Reinforcement

When the ground is too soft to effectively support a retaining wall with a normal footing, the installation of steel helical piers may be required. Also known as screw piles or helical anchors, helical piers are large steel screws which drill down through the soft earth and anchor to solid ground beneath. Once the piers reach firm support, they act as posts upon which we fasten the retaining wall footing.

helical piers
helical pier installation

More Usable Property

A retaining wall adds structure and increases your property's usable space and value. Modular block and concrete masonry stucco, brick or stone retaining walls can be designed with curves, tiers with steps or staircases and unlimited color or pattern choices.

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Retaining Wall with Steps

For homeowners seeking additional outdoor living space on sloped terrains, our retaining walls with steps ensure easy access to your new functional area.

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retaining walls for functional areas
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