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Retaining Walls in Buford GA

For over a quarter century Buford, GA has relied upon our team of experienced contractors for new and replacement retaining walls and driveways. Get a free estimate on a professionally designed and engineered earth retention wall and concrete work for all applications of residential and commercial projects.

Architectural grading and retaining walls increase the functional space of your property for outdoor living areas including concrete or paver patios, play areas for children, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Every retaining wall built includes appropriate soil reinforcement and a drainage system. If required by code, a licensed engineer is engaged to design your new retaining wall.

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With certified retaining walls:

  • Engineer's Plan and Letter
  • All Required Building Permits
  • Max Liability Insurance
  • Employee Legal Work Status
  • Written Warranty

Cross Tie Retaining Wall Replacement

You may have noticed that cross tie and timber retaining walls rot over time. Please request a free estimate to replace your rotten cross tie walls with new timber or with the strength and aesthetic beauty of engineered segmental walls, also called allan block and interlocking walls.

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More Usable Property

A retaining wall can add structure to and greatly increase your property's usable space.

Retaining Wall with Driveway

As a professional concrete contractor, we can build a driveway with, or without a supporting retaining wall. If your project requires both, we offer the most affordable solutions.

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Retaining Walls with Stairs

For homeowners seeking more outdoor living space, our retaining wall stairs provide a functional and attractive solution to uneven and sloped terrains.

Notice the curves that stone and block walls make possible. Engineered block and stone retaining walls also provide endless style and color choices.

What our customers are saying:

Do I need a permit to build a retaining wall in Buford, Georgia?

First determine if your property is located in the City of Buford or Gwinnett County.

Requires Permitting Requires Engineering
City of Buford Mandatory 4 Ft. Or Taller
Gwinnett County 4 Ft. Or Taller 6 Ft. Or Taller